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Monterrey NL. Mexico

 Where modernity and history meet, is located in the north east of Mexico about 150 miles south the U.S. Texas border. 

This is what can you expect when visiting Monterrey...


The wide variety of options Nuevo León has to offer to its visitors are a combination of many facets: nature and modernity, tradition and adventure, exquisite cuisine and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

When visiting Monterrey, Dental Tourism, you can enjoy beautiful places where modernity and history come together within the same space, like the Macroplaza, where the Metropolitan Cathedral –dating back to the XVIIIth century– creates sharp contrast with the Faro del Comercio (Lighthouse of Commerce), which its famous green laser beam can be spotted from many places around the city. 

The "Paseo Santa Lucia," a 1.25 mile long water canal, is the waterway linking the Museum of Mexican History and the Museum of the Northwest (both located in the Macroplaza) with the Fundidora Park, which integrates the history of our industrial based culture with miles of green areas to enjoy an afternoon on its amazing gardens, seasonal concerts and shows, museums and diverse modern attractions such as ice skating and guided tours.  

​The mountain range surrounding the city offers visitors beautiful views of our unique landscape. If you are more of an outdoor person, you will enjoy exploring the caves with ancient rock formations "Grutas de García", beautiful canyons like "La Huasteca" and the waterfalls in "Cola de Caballo." These sites are perfect for rappelling, camping, hiking or just chilling in open nature. You can sail in "La Boca" dam and  explore  "Matacanes", "El Salto" and "Laberinto" for an amazing guided  eco-tourism experience. 

Dental Tourism Monterrey Mexico 

Where to Stay?

Monterrey has a great variety of hotels, from luxury and very exclusive to  business class and economy. Check out our list of the 5 best located and cost-effective hotels near our Dental Clinic. 

uber to get Dentaltek dental clinic

 We have many options to move around in the city. You can rent a car, hire a  green taxi, etc. but the best option to get to our Dental Clinic fast and safely is hiring an UBER unit.

Four points galerias monterrey near Dentaltek dental clinic dentist monterrey

 First and best option...

Four Points by Sheraton Galerias Monterrey
Ave Insurgentes 3961 Col Vista Hermosa, Monterrey, NL, 64640, Mexico, T. ‏‎ 01152 (81) 8389 1600 

  • Distance to Dentaltek Dental Clinic: 0.6 miles
  • Approx. Price per night:  U$88-135
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Radisson Monterrey san jeronimo near dentaltek dental clinic monterrey

 Radisson San Jerónimo

Ave. Insurgentes 4001, Colinas de San Jerónimo Monterrey NL.  64630    T. ‏‎01152 (81) 1734 1850


  • Distance to Dentaltek Dental Clinic: 0.2 miles
  • Approx. Price per night:  U$ 97- 120

City express san jeronimo near dentaltek dental clinic

 City Express Plus Monterrey San Jeronimo
Monterrey, NL, 64640 Mexico
T. 01152 (81) 5000 5380


  • Distance to  Dentaltek Dental Clinic:   1.6 miles
  • Approx. Price per night:  U$100-120

Courtyard Galerias Monterrey near Dentaltek Dental Clinic Dentist in Monterrey mexico

 Courtyard Monterrey (San Jeronimo/Valle)
Av. San Jeronimo 1012-A, Colonias San Jeronimo, 
Monterrey, NL, 64640, Mexico,
T. 01152 (81) 8389 7900

  • Distance to Dentaltek Dental Clinic:   1.3 miles
  • Approx. Price per night:  U$79-120

Novotel Monterrey Valle near Dentaltek Dental Clinic Monterrey Mexico


Novotel Monterrey Valle

 Ave Lazaro Cardenas 3000, Esq Dr Alt. Col. Valle Oriente, Garza Garcia, NL, 66269 Mexico T.  01152 (81) 8133 8133

  • Distance to Dentaltek Dental Clinic :   5.5 miles 
  • Approx. Price per night: U$76-98 

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Enjoy Monterrey Mexico!

Our state’s cuisine is really worth mentioning. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes according to your taste and preferences. We have all sorts of kitchens; international, gourmet, modern, but also traditional cuisine like "cabrito" (roasted lamb), "carne asada", "tacos de trompo" (marinated smoked pork tacos with spices, pineapple, fresh onions, cilantro and salsa), the all time favorite for breakfast "machaca con huevo" (shredded dry beef with scrambled eggs and pico de gallo, served with beans and flour tortillas), "frijoles charros" (beans slowly cooked over an open fire, with bacon, chiles, herbs and spices) and our traditional "Dulces de Leche" and "Cajeta" desserts (milk candies and milk caramel spread ). Go ahead and try a succulent barbecued pork, a "cortadillo" or "asado de puerco", we guarantee you will be delighted, and if you still have room for dessert... a custard or Bustamante bread will crown the banquet.

In Nuevo Leon, festivals and traditions are also a great attraction and, seasonal events such as the Livestock Fair which offers local culinary sampling and local products are held here as emblematic examples of local tradition, and The Bella Via Festival that promotes talented local and foreign artists of all sorts. These are but few examples of how our city promotes culture, art and an eco-friendly lifestyle.  

The land belonging to the old Fundidora Monterrey, has now become one of the places of which the inhabitants of Monterey are most proud: the Fundidora Park is now a space combining the history of the steel industry with the concept of a modern park, where people can engage in sporting activities such as skating on ice or roller skating. Here, locals and visitors alike can enjoy cultural activities or organize business meetings. 

On the other hand, if you are more of an indoor person, you cannot miss our shopping malls. During your stay make sure you visit Plaza Fiesta San Agustín shopping mall  with its fun variety of restaurants in the Main Entrance area  or across the street in the Metropolitan Center. Galerías Valle Oriente, Galerías Monterrey, Punto Valle, Paseo San Pedro and Esfera City Center are also  excellent options for a pleasant shopping-dining experience. Whatever your preferences are, Monterrey has an option you will surely enjoy. 


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